The Marwood Cafe

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The Marwood Cafe / @the_marwood
Sells: Kick Arse Coffee / Life Changing Cake

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The Marwood is what happens when you take an idea, a brick, a chicken, a few old doors, a random selection of fridge magnets, some books, lots of pallets, the odd discarded Apple Mac, a criminally eclectic mix of wall decorations, some kids toys, a scattering of odds and sods from the 80’s, a dismembered mannequin, a stag’s head, a touch of taxidermy, and a mismatch of furniture, add to that some Kick Arse Coffee, a selection of Life Changing Cake, a Breville sandwich toaster, and an army of highly trained coffee ninjas from around the globe, stolen at birth or kidnapped from other employers and brought to Camp Marwood for training!!!

Basically, its a kick arse Coffee shop with a crazy good kitchen.

Oh yeah, and a Bitcoin ATM.

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Last updated August 26, 2014 at 1:41 pm

Business Details

Tags: Drinks, Food

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